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Teac CR-H255 vs Onkyo CS515DAB


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Hi all,

Sorry for asking an impossible question but I want to make sure that I do not make a mistake that I live to regret.

Before Christmas, I bought a Teac Reference 300 Mk II/III from Richer Sounds. The price was great, performance too but unfortunately, it developed a fault after a few days - the CD unit (PD-H300) would not respond to the remote. RS didn't have any more in stock and I swapped for a Teac Legacy 700 which they had on special offer. I know these are do not compete in the same marketplace but I could not resist the price @ £199. However I didn't like the sound so back it went. I had read a bit here and elsewhere online about the Teac CR-H255 and the Onkyo CS515DAB and decided I should go for one or other.

Impatience took over so I went for the Teac which is....well, fine but.....

The sound seems a bit light, lacking bass and warmth, and I can't help but feel that there could be more "definition". BTW I am not a career audio enthusiast and have never had enough cash to buy anything other than home friendly hifi, i.e. not too big, not too intrusive, not too expensive. Accordingly, I am not certain what I should be looking for and what expectation is reasonable but I cannot help but feel that I should be more wow-ed than I am.

My question is really this - should I go for the Onkyo and would it give me noticeably better performance? I have read very positive remarks on the Onkyo, seemingly a little less so on the Teac, but I have not seen a "head to head" review.

I am using Gale 4040 floorstanders, again because they seemed to be a good deal. Although I have had these over 2 weeks, I think I could persuade RS to swap them but my budget will not significantly exceed the £99 that the 4040s cost me.

I have around a week remaining within my 14 day period to make up my mind. Any advice greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,



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The onkyo is a fine piece of kit. I have one in an office with Kef iq5's and am very happy with it.


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I own a 515 and compared it to a Yamaha M170 when I bought it. The 515 literally made the M170 sound like a budget £50 goodmans micro system, I havent listened to the Teac, however I used to own the old 300 series Teac seperates and they didnt sound bad but I wouldnt say they were as good as the onkyo.


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I auditioned the Onkyo against the Yamaha and the Teac CR-H255 and I agree with majorwedjy on the Yamaha.

Although the Onkyo didn't sound vastly better than the Teac, it still outshone it in depth and clarity and overall it sounded like a much more expensive unit.

I also compared it with the JVC with wooden speakers, cones soaked in saki, and again to my ears there was just no contest.

I run mine through Q Acoustic 1010's and it just keeps getting better, at all volume levels and with all kinds of music. In fact I am listening to some very nice elctronic music right now and it never ceases to amaze me. I have it sited on my desk in my dining room, approx 14' x 11' and we had a party of 10 in here just before Christmas and most of my friends were simply blown away by this little unit.


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I'm running the Onkyo with Mordaunt Short 902i's and the sound is excellent.

It'll probably be even better when my speaker stands arrive.


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Thanks all for replies. You have helped me make my decision - the Teac goes back and I get an Onkyo.

The next dilemma is whether to get a 515 or a 715 - I've seen the 715 at a good price.......



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I just got my self a pair of kef IQ3 speakers for my 715 (£200 at superfi bargin!!), sounded fantastic in the shop even at higher levels. Just waiting for them to get stock of the colour i wanted. So not got them home yet, would say id need a few weeks/months for them to run in etc to say how good they are. I always woundered if it was worth me spending the extra £100 pounds on the 715, ive herd of ppl powering much larger speakers with the 515, but i feel beter knowing im less likely to blow the speakers by underpowering them. Supose depends wat speakers you get/room size etc.


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Finally, I got the Onkyo 715 earlier today. It's still in the box but will be set up soon! :clap:

Just a little aside, I see references to the CS-515 and CS-715 as well as CR-515 and CR-715. They appear to be used interchangeably. Anyone know if there is a difference and if so, what is it?

Thanks again for advice & information.

Later edit - the 715 is now set up - WOW! I am so pleased that I changed from the TEAC. The sound is a quantum leap better than the CR-H255, rich, warm, deep, distinctive. Most excellent!!

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