TEAC ADG200 receiver and existing speakers.


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Hi all
First timer poster here after some advice.

I'm very new to the whole surround sound setup, so hope you can help.

History : about 10 years ago I purchased a fantastic Technics home DVD stereo with Dolby 5.1 digital surround sound (dv280). This consisted of the regular rear and centre speakers (rca input to speaker wire) and two large floor speaker. These are bi-wired.

Naturally due to the age, the system has become obsolete sadly (although it's still one of the best sounding systems I've heard to date).

Current situation : obviously in order to get surround sound now days, I am going to have to upgrade. As such, after a lengthy discussion with the helpful staff in richer sounds, I decided to buy the above AV receiver instead of an all in one package, as I have a ps3 which can do that work.

Question: would it be possible to use the existing speakers from the Technics at all? On the rear of the speakers the following ratings are listed :

Centre: unsure need to dig it out
Rears: 70w @ 8ohms
Main speakers - high: 60w @ 6 ohms
Main speakers - low: 120w @ 8 ohms

The amp lists speaker impedance at 6-16 ohms on the back, so would assume I'm ok there. However, where I'm really unsure is 'how' I can connect these up...

For the rears/centre, can I simply remove the rca and pull the cable apart? (I can see it's two small cables)

As the main speakers are separated anyway, I assume I could simply wire the high (small woofer and tweeter) wires to the "front" inputs on the amp? However, with the low (d.subs) also being wires, and the amp having a pre-out rca type connector, I would need to convert those cables to a single rca jack, and then split it to go to both subs. Is this possible and would it work?

Long and short of it, can I use my existing speakers or am I wasting my time? Naturally I'd love to utilise them as they are fantastic. If I am wasting my time or may end up damaging the amp, should I be looking at something like the pioneer s-hs100 kit? My concern / confusion with that is that it's listed as being 6 ohms, but the sub is 4 ohms according to the user manual. Does this matter when it's going over rca and has its own power?

Sorry for the novel, but I been searching the interweb for far too long now, and haven't really found any answers that really apply to my situation.

Many thanks


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The single phono output for the sub on the receiver is for the .1 channel and covers the very low sub bass. The bass part of your speakers is not really designed for this and is more of the mid bass you would get from a floorstander. As such it is not going to work connecting it to this. The technics system appears to have had an active crossover in the AVR that would have split the stereo front L/R signal so that the correct frequencies went to the correct drivers. Your new AVR does not have this function. If the speakers have an internal crossover in them then you could connect the wires to the same speaker posts but if it does not then this is going to damage the drivers as you will be sending full signal to both and they will not be able to handle it. Also this would give a total impedance the amp would see below 4 ohms which is really too low as it will impose too high a load on the amp and could damage it. So in short you can not reuse your current fronts with your new AVR. If you are having to replace them then you should at least get a new centre as well since you want the front 3 matching for a good front soundstage. You will also want a sub to get the most from films etc.
Have you heard the TEAC? If your technics is as good as you say you may well end up disappointed by the TEAC as it is a low budget receiver.


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Hi psm1
Many thanks for the prompt response.

I did some research on Teac and it seems to get generally positive feedback as a brand, however I do appreciate that as this price level I am entering at a budget. It was a toss up between this and the Sony (both on offer at rs). This won due to having 7.1 inputs and 120w per channel.

So in regards to the speakers, even though the main woofers are digital subs, you don't think it would be possible to convert the cable and split the signal to them? If I have to buy a cheap set then so be it - just means I have to try and convince the Mrs ;-)
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Which Sony did you look at? Was it the 820? If so then that is a 7.1 receiver and also a level above the Teac so would give better sound quality. It is also a real bargain at £150.
You can not use your current speakers so you had better start sweet talking the Mrs!!!!!!!!!!!

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