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    I've recently bought 2 secondhand units from the discontinued Teac 300 series of component hifi units. They are the Teac PD-H300C CD player and the Teac T-H300DAB tuner, both in excellent condition and working perfectly. I've been very impressed with the build and sound quality of both, especially the tuner. I believe that they are both Mk 1 units. However, since buying them I have considered buying other Teac 300 units to replace my ancient hifi component system, and must admit to being quite confused about the differences between the Mk1, Mk 2 and Mk 3 variations of this series. For example, both the CD player and the tuner are champagne coloured. Was this specific to the Mk 1's? Will a Mk 3 remote control also work the Mk 1 CD player? Do the Mk 2 and 3's have extra features that would be more useful? Can you help?

    Many thanks in advance!

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