TDL Speakers - Which Amp?


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I have a pair of TDL KV6 floor speakers. I got them from someone who gave them away.

Thing is, they have 4 wire ports on each speaker, to which I assume 2 controls treble and the other 2 for bass. I have no idea what kind of amp I need to hook these up. Can anyone help with this?


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You don't need anything out of the ordinary as the speaker terminals should be linked:


If the links are missing then you can simply replace them with short lengths of speaker cable.


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What does that mean? Sorry for being so uneducated in this area, I'm fairly new as I mostly use headphones.
The twin posts are there so as people have the option to bi amp, ie one amp drives the treble speakers and one the bass/mid drivers. So instead of using one amp to drive both speakers you use 2.

However most people just use one amp to drive the speakers, so the posts are joined together as shown in the picture above, that is plus and plus joined and negative and negative. This is done with a brass plate that comes with the speakers or a piece of cable if it has been lost.

As this is your 1st taste of such speakers then you just need a single amp to drive them and join the posts together as shown in the picture. Bi amping is for down the road, for now bi amping would bring you no benefit as you would have nothing to compare to. Put it this way I tried bi amping and went back to just using a single amp
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Thanks cocksure, that's cleared it up for me. Like I said, I'm used to earphones and even though I've used hifi's I've never had to work with amps etc. Now I know what I need to do, many thanks to everyone

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