TDL RTL3 'special edition' ?


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Hi all, first post so I'm hoping you can help me out a little.
I have some TDL RTL3's that are over 10 years old now, I bought them from Richer Sounds a very long time ago.
I always thought they were regular RTL3's until yesterday, I blew the tweeters at New Year's Eve through clipping I think (new Amp for me then!) and searching on the web yesterday led me to some older threads on this forum about TDL spares etc, I've spoken to one company and it seems I can repair them easily enough, but I've noticed that they are different in appearance to other RTL3's I've seen on the web, they have a different bottom, it has a flat base that extends 20 or so mm out from the bottom of the speaker, they also are badged as 'special edition' and are in Cherry wood veneer, I've only seen Black or Rosewood mentioned elsewhere.
When I removed the tweeter last night I was suprised to find that it was an Eltax model, item no. 3045, spec T-25-2-8.
I pulled a driver out as well and was even more suprised that it had almost no markings at all and looked a bit weedy which seemed odd considering the I thought the RTL3's were well respected for Bass.
So can anyone help explain what the differences are here? have I got some sort of run-out model that was filled with cheaper components?
I've always been happy with the sound from them but I'm just wondering what the differences are and if It's worth me changing any components instead of just replacing the blown tweeters.
I took some pictures so if I get the chance I'll upload them somewhere later today.




The original TDL's were renowned for their base, but I believe the company was taken over by the Richer Sounds brand some years ago and production thereafter was more "built to a price".

Out of interest, I googled your tweeter model, seems to be still available here -

hope this helps


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Thanks for the link, very helpful.
Anyone else have info on when TDL were taken over? sounds like I have been unfortunate enough to get a pair that must have been produced for Richer Sounds only and have cheaper innards, bummer :(


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Yes, I found Lockwood through some old threads, I spoke to them again today and mailed some piccy's of my RTL3's and they confirmed the drivers and tweeters are the same as 'regular' RTL3's, it just appears that the Tweeters have Eltax branding on them.
I've purchased just the damaged diaphragms as recommended by Lockwood, very nice and helpful chap there called Roger.
The good news is that I know my speakers are normal RTL's and not some hybrid Richer-sounds mishmash.
Cheers for the help.


Peter Galbavy

There were at least two runs. I had an original pair bought from JL more than 12 years ago (which is when I moved into my house, and brought them with me...). A friend bought a pair from HiSpek I think later and their grills and/or edges were rounded slightly instead of squared off. I think they also had a slightly different model number but I no longer know what.

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