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Hi there,

A very long time ago I borrowed a mates camera for a holiday and recorded onto the above tape. The tape has sat in a drawer to this day and I have absolutly no idea what I can play the tape back on.

I am interested to know whats on it. Whats the cheapest way I can view it?

I have seen a few cheap camcorders on EBAY but unsure what format it would be. Bit clueless! :blush:

Any help would be great!



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That afaik is a 8mm cassette. It could be recorded as standard 8, Hi 8 or digital 8. You need to find out what make and model the camera was that was used to record it.

The first is the most likely option.


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Thanks for the reply. Yes it is 8mm. Unfortunatly I have no way of finding out what device it was recorded on.

Its probably about 10 years old so does that rule out the digital option? Are there camcorders that can play both 8 and hi 8?

Sorry for the novice questions!


Any Hi8 camcorder should play a video8 tape - but if you used LP to record things could get complicated as these modes are not always supported across different camcorder makes or even sometimes models.
Best bet IMO would be to try and borrow a Hi8 camcorder from a friend etc. If no luck there then try a local second hand shop or eBay and buy one - with a local shop they may let you try to play a tape first to see if it works.

edit: Sony Digital8 camcorders were first released in 1999


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