TCL TS8011 2.1 soundbar with Fire TV - user experiences / help with tests?


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This soundbar is decent, but could be a little quiet unless used with the inbuilt Fire TV which sounds a lot more punchier, especially with the bass.

Could anyone here with this soundbar and Prime Video help me test something please?

If so, would you mind running the movie The Outpost on Prime Video through the inbuilt fire TV and just after 1 minute in (after the rolling PH red ball), there's a few deep resonating bass parts. Basically, with the soundbar's volume around 15 - 16 (or above 12 or so), does your soundbar distort at all, or is it clean?

Another one to test if possible?

Tom Clancey's Without Remorse at around 55:10 (from scene 22). This part has an underwater section and some deep rumbling bass. Sounds like my subwoofer's diaphragm may be flapping, similar to the sound of a piece of paper held in front of a speaker whilst bass is played through?

I would be grateful if you could try this out for me.


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