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Hi guys. I don't have many options when it comes to budget TVs here in Singapore. For my budget, these two happen to be the best I found. Could someone help me to asses these two TVs? My usage is mainly gaming on PS4 and watching movies.


Questions I have for TCL P8S:
1) Is it possible to support Dolby Vision with a brightness of 300 nits?
2) Is it also possible to have Dolby Vision and HDR10+ on the same TV? I'm confused.


Its hard to find anything about those models. The models TCL sell in both North America and in Europe are different.

HDR content demands better hardware than TVs at this price point can provide, but having a TV that supports Dolby Vision HDR is beneficial, it can mean there's less problems than you would usually have watching Dolby Vision content without support for the format.

As for HDR10+, well that is just a different format that works in the same way as Dolby Vision. Some content will come with Dolby Vision, some HDR10+, it depends what you watch.

All content that is in either of those formats though is always available in HDR10 so it will always work with HDR on the TV, even if there's no support for the dynamic format.

The problem is, on TVs without ample HDR capablity you will get more problems displaying it than you will with more expensive TVs, so if you buy a TV with Dolby Vision HDR you'll want to be using that as much as possible. HDR10 or HDR10+ titles otherwise will cause problems being displayed and in those instances you may find its just better not to view HDR content at all.

I usually advise people when buying a TV at this level to buy the TV purely for watching SDR material, don't expect anything when it comes to HDR, even if the TV can accept the format.

It is possible to have both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision HDR support on the same TV, but only select manufacturers and models support this. In Europe that is only certain Philips and Panasonic TVs.


I purchased a tcl 55p8s at the black friday sales for $720 to be used as a second tv in our family room, we also have a sony 65" xf9000 in our media room.

I would have to say that this tv is the best budget tv PQ i have seen to date, it runs android pie, the sony at more than twice the price still has oreo, even with only 300 nits it seems to do an ok job with dolby vision and hdr10, of course not as good as the sony but quite good to my eyes at least.
Now for the caveats, the interface is a little buggy at times, however i have not had any major problems to date, maybe a firmware update in the future to fix?, viewing angle is pretty narrow but this is a problem with all VA panels.

All in all a lot of bang for the buck from this tv, oh and the sound is pretty good too.

Hope this helps you in your choice.

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