TC-P5V10 lifespan expectations


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Believe we purchased it in 2011 time frame. Went a few years not being used and stored in a controlled environment. Using it again now as our main TV and I forgot how much I missed the picture of a Plasma, just something about it. She has 9500 hours on it according to the service menu screen.

How would you classify the age of this TV with the above info and does it have a lot of life left?

A part of me just likes the TV because of the fact it still works and it was purchased in 2011. In a manufacturing environment where nothing lasts these days, I love the fact this thing is still operational.

In addition to my questions above, how was this TV rated in its day? Was this one of the better Plasma's or was this middle of the pack/bottom of the pack?


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Presuming that you meant the 50V10, AV Forums seemed to think pretty highly of it although it sounds like it's upscaling let it down a bit.


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