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Hoping someone can help, I have had the TBS 6981 card for around a month and all was working fine until the weekend with 7mc. I noticed that a lot of channels were suddenly missing including all of the hd channels. I tried re-scanning but this did not find the missing channels, I then deleted all media centre data for my tv setup and started fresh again nothing, however I did notice that when it detects the card it shows the card as being DVB-S and not DVB-S2. I tried uninstalling the card and re-installing the drivers but this has not made any difference, the card is always seen by media centre as a dual DVB-S card, it tunes and finds all of the dvb-s channels without any issie. In the device manager the card shows as being dvb-s2, but I am not sure if this is just the name of the card. Any ideas as to what I could try to re-able the S2 part of the card to get the hd channels back?


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What do you see in Device Manager? I see: "TBS 6981 DVB-S/S2 DUAL BDA" - that's using the latest drivers available from TBS' web-site:

TBS Technologies software|FLYCCCAM|Windows CCCam

I've stopped using WMC now and I can't remember whether it really does say DVB-S2 when referring to the card or not, but there has been some movement in general with HD channels (although I think I'm right in saying that, at least at the moment, impacts C4 HD).


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Channel 4 HD moved satellites/transponders last week which tripped things up.
My Hauppauge Nova DVB-S2 card and MCE on windows 7 need to run a secondary program and process an XML file to "teach" WCE the correct signal rates and polarisation for the HD channels.
As a result if I scan all transponders I get no HD channels and have to reapply the fix and then run single transponder scans for the HD channels.
Hauppauge claimed this was a weakness in MCE so I don't know if it affects all cards or just this one manufacturer?

IIRC my tuner is just listed as DVB-S but I'm not in front of it to check.

Are you set to auto install Windows Updates or something else that might have goofed the installation?


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I have the 6981 and also suffered some channel loss. Weird, as it was after SP1 installation.

I too use the Hauppauge tool and it fixed things for me. I reckon TVSource would be better, but I still haven't got around to trying it yet.

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I've just installed a TBS 6981 and had problems picking up some channels, including the HD ones. I think the problem is with the Microsoft DVB-S information rather than the card.

I fixed it using the Packages: Freesat - KingOfSat site and running manual transponder scans from the information shown there. Guide tool Guide Tool For Windows Media Center « mceworld is very useful for organising the channels that you pick up.



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Thanks for the suggestions I have manually re-scanned the HD channels using the kings of sat info, and all of the channels are back again, even though strangely this did not work the other day :D

However I now have another issue :cool: Channel 4HD has a continous break up of picture, the sound plays fine without any break up what so ever, but the picture continually blocks and breaks up, any suggestions on how to resolve that? All of the other HD channels play perfectly.


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What's your graphics card? There are/were problems with the DVB-S2 HD channels on some versions of the ATi catalyst drivers. I rolled back to 11.4 and have no issues but Windows Update keeps "recommending" a version which I know macro blocks.

Alternatively you may have the dish slightly out of alignment IIRC Channel4HD is now on Astra 28.2N which only has a couple of ITV1 regional channels on it, everything else coming from different satellites/transponders.

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