Tascam MD 350 Keeps Ejecting Disc


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My mini disc player seems to have developed a fault today and keeps ejecting every disc that I put into it. At first it was fine as I copied some music onto a disc but when I pressed eject the UTOC Writing display seemed to be up for a long time before it ejected the disc with the warning Disc Error. Since then every disc I've put in has been instantly rejected.

Checking the manual, it says that this might be caused by condensation and to leave the player on for one-to-two hours before trying again. That was over two hours ago and it's still ejecting discs.

This would be bothersome as it is but I've got a gig in five hours so I need to get this sorted quickly.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what else I might be able to do to fix this?


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Oh well, that's the end of that. One cancelled gig, one club-load of unhappy punters and one perplexed, frustrated and thoroughly hacked off singer.

I'm going to leave the player out overnight, for whatever good that will do, in the hope that it will somehow sort itself out by morning.


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Although minidiscs are opto-magnetic, they still have a lens that could be cleaned. If you take off the top cover they are pretty easy and tidy inside. Definately worth cleaning the lens. It's a little thing, like half the size of a cd lens.
Hope you can get it working, minidisc players really are awkward to replace now, which is a shame, I really liked them.
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