TarPot's Garage Conversion Conversion with Atmos update 7/7/19


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Hi All.

I've been watching this section of the forum for many years and have been extremely impressed with the home cinemas that people have created.
I thought to myself, one day I too will be able to start a thread here showing my effort in this department.

I had a projector and screen in my last house. My dream, a JVC HD-350 and a Beamax screen. I had it up 6 months and then me and the mrs bought a place together. So it all had to come back down. It's been in storage until now.

I bought the house 3 1/2 years ago and knew this is what I'd eventually do. It's taken me that time to do the rest of the house and now it was time to move onto the main event.

I wanted to post once I was finished, as the suspense of these threads kills me! So here goes......

I had a garage that had been converted into a room and a utility area.

iphone5 320.JPG
iphone5 321.JPG
iphone5 319.JPG

I took the stud wall down....

iphone5 322.JPG
iphone5 324.JPG
iphone5 325.JPG
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And stripped the lot out.

It was very cold in there all the time, due to a lack of insulation.....

iphone5 326.JPG
iphone5 328.JPG
iphone5 329.JPG
iphone5 330.JPG
iphone5 340.JPG
iphone5 341.JPG
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So when it was put back together it was 100mm of celotex in the floor and 50 in the walls (even though its a cavity wall).
iphone5 354.JPG
iphone5 355.JPG
iphone5 356.JPG
iphone5 357.JPG
iphone5 363.JPG
iphone5 370.JPG
iphone5 371.JPG
iphone5 372.JPG
iphone5 373.JPG
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Time to rebuild.....

I run the cables and I dropped the ceiling for the first 2 metres of the room. So I could paint the ceiling a darker colour in this area where the screen will be.

The walls were then plastered.

iphone5 380.JPG
iphone5 387.JPG
iphone5 388.JPG
iphone5 392.JPG
iphone5 394.JPG
iphone5 395.JPG
iphone5 396.JPG
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Time to paint.
iphone5 402.JPG
iphone5 403.JPG
iphone5 404.JPG
iphone5 405.JPG
iphone5 406.JPG
iphone5 407.JPG

The screen goes in here. I left a section joining to keep it strong, until the screen was ready to go in.
iphone5 408.JPG
iphone5 409.JPG
iphone5 410.JPG
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Let there be light (and sound)....
iphone5 412.JPG
iphone5 413.JPG
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The back door to the garden presented a problem. It's not used and is a pain. I decided to use 3D MDF panels to cover it and create a false door.

iphone5 414.JPG
iphone5 415.JPG
iphone5 416.JPG
iphone5 417.JPG
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I run all the cables that were needed behind the panels, to put sockets on later.
iphone5 418.JPG

The consumer unit was raised.
iphone5 419.JPG
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Now, the glory work....
2316 001.JPG
2316 002.JPG

I didn't like this colour. So bailed out.
2316 003.JPG

I went with this instead.
2316 005.JPG

2316 008.JPG
2316 009.JPG
2316 010.JPG
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I replaced the white radiator for this....
2316 011.JPG

Pictures of sockets in progress...
2316 012.JPG

2316 013.JPG

My tv unit.
2316 014.JPG

My new sub, XTZ 12.17.
2316 016.JPG
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Time to rebuild it all.

2316 017.JPG

Seating, with work mate who helped me slot the seats together. I went with the drinkstuff seating and am very happy with them.
2316 018.JPG

2316 019.JPG

Various pictures as I head towards the finish line.
2316 020.JPG

2316 021.JPG
2316 022.JPG
2316 023.JPG
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And I'm done.

2316 024.JPG

Blocblind. This is great and so were the company.
2316 028.JPG

My ZT in position, I missed this after 8 weeks away.
2316 032.JPG

Beamax in-ceiling screen.
2316 033.JPG
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The whole project took 8 weeks.

I hope you like my pictures and I'm sorry to do it all in one hit like that and waffle on.

I'm very happy with the results, although I know I have work to do on the speaker set up and subwoofer placement. But I'm more than happy with how it sounds currently.

My Kit list is..

Panasonic ZT60 Plasma TV
JVC HD-350 Projector
Marantz SR7010
Nakamichi AVP Power amp
XTZ 99.38 Floorstanders
XTZ 99.25 centre
XTZ 12.17 Subwoofer
Monitor Audio Silver On wall surrounds
Monitor Audio Bronze On wall surrounds
Some ceiling speakers from Amazon!

I'd like to thank all the people on this forum, whose ideas I borrowed to make my set-up here.


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Stunning awesome job you have done there you must be well pleased nice kit and well thought out well done


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Wow, what a setup! Love the colours and the seating. Have only bought my first AV receiver and speakers but would love to have something even half as nice as this some day. Great work.


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Wow, what a setup! Love the colours and the seating. Have only bought my first AV receiver and speakers but would love to have something even half as nice as this some day. Great work.
Thanks for the nice words guys.

It's a slippery and expensive slope! But also very enjoyable.

I do think I'm near the finish line for a while.

I'm very happy with how it's turned out. I think I should've planned things a bit more though, as it was somewhat chaotic at times. I guess it's all about the result though.


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Yes, they're for Atmos. Doing a good job too.

I went a bit cheap with them, with the view of upgrading later if need be. But they seem fine to me, so won't need to.


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Really nice. Great use of the space. :)


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I have had some cheap ceiling speakers years ago and they were surprisingly good!

For overheads I suspect you do not need great speakers anyway :)
Those were my thoughts. They haven't the most bass, but the sub takes care of that. The clarity that have is good though.

It certainly does for me.


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Very nice set-up,enjoy the fruits of your labour. ;-)


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I thought I'd update with some new photos. I've had new kit, made up some acoustic panels and filled in around the screen with acoustic panels.

Filled in around the screen. This makes a massive difference whilst view. I'll be covering up my original screen in the ceiling.

View to the back.
XTZ Spirit 6s for surround speakers.


JVC X7900

Monitor Audio 280 IDCs for Atmos etc.

The Acoustic panel I made. These have enhanced the sound no end

SVS SB4000


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