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Help !

I used to have a 4:3 crt and when ever I watched Stargate on Skyone I lost alot of the picture cos its in widescreen. I really noticed it when the adverts came on and the title screen said TAR GAT instead of STAR GATE.

This is one of the reasons I thought I need widescreen, and therefore I want Plasma.

So I've now got a PW6 via JS RGB>VGA converter and I'm watching Startgate, the adverts come on and Shock :eek: It still says TAR GAT!
Whats going on? I've tried Switching the Screen through 16:9,4:3 and JUST(what is JUST btw ?) and all of them give TAG GAT.

I know you need SCART to use Auto, but I'd have thought one of the three options whould make the screen fit. Anyone any ideas ?

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I leave my CRT TV on 16:9 most of the time. This is OK for widescreen programs but 4:3 does get stretched. There is a mix of aspects currently been braodcast which is a pain. Auto aspect doesn't work and if it does it's not quick enough (and I don't use scart). I also have a zoom funtion which clips off edges of the picture. Good luck. Sorry I cannot be more specific


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Have you changed your sky settings?

If not go into Services on your sky remote and then picture setup and you will see. 4:3, change it too 16:9 I think that should sort it out... :thumbsup:


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Ahhh, No I haven't changed any sky settings. I'll check it out tonight thanks.

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