Tap confusion - Mono or Como difference?


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Dec 15, 2008
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A friend at work is after some confirmation as to what the difference is?

He's been asked by his plumber to choose a mono tap for his basin. The basin only has one hole for a mixer tap, but it seems you can get momo taps, como taps and even mono basin como taps? :confused:

We are assuming it has something to do with the feeds, whether they are combined before they get to the tap, or perhaps whether the cold is mains pressure and the hot gravitiy, but Google doesn't help.

Can any of the plumbers e.g. @Wahreo out there advise?

Thanks in advance
I thought that a mono tap was one single tap that you had to adjust the temperature by turning it one way or the other, and a como tap was one of them that was like a mono tap but had a lever to operate the plug i.e open/close but I ain't no plumber but my nephew is.

Two feeds (hot and cold) are obviously connected and then mixed in the tap
Don't have a clue I'm afraid.
No worries, my step father who's a builder and skilled in every trade, didn't have a clue either.

Thanks for replying though.
I think como is a "design concept" to sound good you can get "como" toilets and sinks "como" lights it's just a buzz work that gets banded about by the sales guys.
I bet como is short for contemporary!

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