Tannoys Arenas - Whatever happened?


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After seeing these for the 1st time (in bronze) I instantly fell in love with them and decided I had to have em!!!

I few months have past and since then and I am still choosing my HC setup.

We have had the KEF 3005s and previously big raves about the B&W MT sat/sub setup. (the raves are still contiuning mind)
These would be the defaulting choice almost when spending this kinda money on a sub sat package rite?

When the arenas were reviewed they got recepectable 5 stars etc from most HC magazines. On reading the forum - they were not suited to some people and listeners got better results from other brands.

However, the quiestion I still have is - what ever happened to the Tannoy Arenas? Did people stop buying them? Has anyone got a setup? how d they feel about them?


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The issue I had with them, before I decided to keep my (much) bigger speakers was one of cost. YOu pays your £1200 or whatever it is, but you don't get any table stands or owt. You have to buy them seperately and they cost a fair bit. You would still need to get, say, floor stands for the front (£250 a pair) a centre speaker stand (£80) and a pair of rear stands (£150). Si you have now spent £1680! For that money you could have got the B&W MT30 (albeit the sat speaksers are a bit poor) or for a lot less the Quad Q-Lite system which sounds better anyway (to these ears at least).


jon smith

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I remember HCC absolutely raved about the Tannoy Arenas when they came out - 5/5 'best in class' review from Alvin Gold (and now it isn't in there top 5 speaker packages?).

I heard them at the Heathrow show when they were launched and thought they were very good with movies. Have heard they may sound poor with music though, which puts me off.

I have actually reconsidered them recently due to the great looks and that demo - but they don't seem very popular outside of the magazines (Gallo gets much better write ups on here). I'm looking for sats to go with a PV1, so I may get another demo (with music this time) to see how they get on.

The price of the stands is crazy though and puts them nearly the same price as the Gallo A'diva Ti's (which have a much better reputation with music).
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