tannoy ts12



hi has any one come across this subwoofer? its it any good? my mate reckons he can get one for £260

the specs sound quite good! but im no pro! help would be appreciated!

Peak output power 500Watts RMS
Low frequency response 26Hz
Limit for usable output 15Hz
Inputs 2 x line level phono, 2 x XLR balanced
Outputs 2 x XLR balanced (direct or 80Hz HIPASS)
Input filter 2nd order low pass, 50Hz - 150Hz, -6dB



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I doubt many folk have heard this sub but for 260 squids it is a good price it retails at around 450 quid, Might be worth trying it and if not to your liking could more than likely sell on and get your money back.If you dont want to take the chance you would be better going secondhand where you may pick up a bk sub which has got a proven track record.
Just googled and some shops are selling it for 1149 quid so may be well worth getting it.


thanks for ure reply! thats wat i was thinking! just got to see if my mate isnt telling fibs! he works in a av sales place so just depends if they let him give freinds discount lol!

if any one has got any views on these please let us know!



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hi there kev, I bought the next model down TS10, I found it to be very good sub but more for music than home theatre,very quick and tuneful but dont underestimate its useful for home theatre as well. The 12 inch model youre talking about may go a lot lower and deeper than mine but think you will find if you are interested in it for home theatre might not go as low as likes of velodyne or M & K . Hope this helps you out Paul


thanks for the reply! im sure with some fine tunnin it can do ok! i mean for the price i can get it it at surely cant be that much of a bad buy! and if i dont like can always sell for more on auction! :thumbsup:

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