Tannoy Reveal 5a


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interested/considering/musing over using 5 tannoy reveal 5a`s for 5.1 sound.

they have built in amps and are near/mid field monitors.

i know i can use the preouts on a HTamp/processor and send an unamplified but processed analogue signal to these monitors also..

any pitfalls using this method, the room isnt too big its about 4.4 meters lengh and 3.5 meters wide the speakers are to be wall mounted

there around £220 for a pair.


any help appreciated


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For a small room, I reckon they'd go plenty loud enough.

Actives do use their power alot more effectively than passives as there is no lossy crossover in the way of the amplification, plus the amps tend to be optimised to suit the driver they're partnered with.

In that light, the 20w HF + 40w LF power rating is more than you might expect, especially when you consider that a good portion of so-called 100w, 5 channel amps can only deliver 50w or so, all channels driven AND THEN that has to get through the crossover in the speaker.

I'd just be more worried about them actually being any good as a speaker. There is this idea that just because something is studio quality, it must be good. Not so. Let your ears decide.

Also bear in mind that you'll need XLR or 1/4" jack to phono cables PLUS power points for each speaker.



They're a perfectly good speaker, easily the best of the 'budget studio' brigade.

Pitfalls: I wouldn't like to deal with all the cables per speaker when wall-mounting as Russell says, the sound is noticably treble-shy when used in a normal setup as they are designed to be used on-axis and in the nearfield, I can think of speaker/amp combos for the same or cheaper price that I would personally prefer for an AV setup.

If you are near a Fopp store, every one I've been in uses the original Reveals, so you may be able to get a sneaky listen that way.


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thanks for the replies, the reason i thought about this was a.) studio quality (of course this is a dubious term) b.) the kick from a monitor is harder than ive heard from any consumer speaker


What monitors do you like? I know most of them inside out, so could give a rough comparison. Are you going to use a sub?

The Reveals sound extremely similar to the Mercury hifi range, and they are virtually the same speaker. If I put a treble reduction on the Mercury's, I'm not sure I could tell the difference even if you A/Bed them.

I do find the Tannoy's warm and quite punchy as it happens. There are a lot of hifi speakers which try to be audiophile minimonitors and don't entertain the bass at all, but there are good ones too (Tannoys, Eltax Monitor range, B&W 600 range).

Another pitfall that comes to mind with actives is that you need very good cable (please do get at least ones with a lifetime warranty). Inevitable turns and coils will be in the cable, and cheap stuff cuts out. I still have 10 or so mic and signal cables going to waste because I made this mistake..

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