Tannoy R3 Opinions Please


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I've currently got a setup comprising Yamaha A5 AV-amp, NAD C350 working as power amp, M3s for fronts, RC for centre and M2s for rears.

Now I was looking at a bit of an improvement for music playing so was considering the R3s - but unforunately I can't find anywhere local that still has them to demo - but they can be bought online at a very good price now.

My concern is that they won't sound any different to my current M3s (looking at specs and photos the R3s seem to use the same drivers as my M3s) - would this concern be true ?

Any general opinons of the R3s ?

Thanks for any help,



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R3's are awesome! Perfect since you already have the great RC centre. Better than the newer Tannoy Sensys too. Will be a big step up from the M3's. :cool:


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Sounds good - have you heard both the M3s and the R3s ? The ones I have seen for sale are now only in black but at 260 pounds seems a very good deal.



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have you heard both the M3s and the R3s ?

I have! I used to own a set of M3's until the bass cone blew out on one of them. Didnt't fancy the newer MX3 or MX4 range, so I went R3 instead. Much better - really nice sound, possible a bit neutral bass-wise for some.

Excellent speaker, and it recently came out top in a "Which?" magazine blind test too... :)

£260 is frankly a steal :)

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