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I have been looking at Tannoy speakers to go with my NAD340 amp & squeezebox and wondered if anyone here had any experience/recommandations of the various models available? I mainly listen to indie / rock and lately Jazz (most be getting older!)

I used to use a pair of DC-2000's and loved those but they were a bit big & the wife wanted something smaller so I am currently looking at some 609's but any help will be much appreciated


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I heard most of there new range at a show recently ...have to say they left me cold ......what I did hear that were stunning for the price [and advertised here] were the Aurousal speakers ....

There ok lookers ....and are smallish stand mounts but the really did sing.

If you've £1k burning a hole....then the revolver afv floorstanders should be on your short list.


These are quite wife freindly as they are narrow and will happily sit with there backs to the rear wall....I thought these were the star of the revolver range and if I was looking to buy at that price ...a deal would already be done!


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hi i've owned a set of Sixes 609s (with the dual concentric driver). Have to say, they're pretty dreadful speakers.
They're neither analytical or musical so they do nothing right in my opinion. If you want a proper Tannoy dual concentric which isn't too large find yourself a set of DC1000s. Even better if you can accomodate some stands (even though that'd take you up to the same size as your old DC2000s).

Another nice set of Tannoys is the R2s and R3s and I liked the Sensys with the supertweeter (can't remember if its DC1s or DC2s) but they're a dual concentric design, about 40cm tall with the supertweeter on top. Very good indeed.

Dual concentric is the tweeter mounted at the 'mouth' of the woofer incidentally.

Last but not least, amongst the cheapest speakers that Tannoy ever made was the M1. Retailed for £120 new but its really very, very special indeed. Stick it on the end of a decent amp and it will astonish you. Not one for larger rooms perhaps but for any other size it won't disappoint.

As for prices
M1- £50 max
DC1000- £100 max
R2- £130 max
R3- £170ish max
DC1/2 (see above) - £160 max.


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Thanks for that it is really hard to find any info on the older models.

I thought the 609's looked a pretty good solution, but from your report they might not be for me. I read someones report on the DC1000's and they loved them so that might be the way to go. Ideally I want something as musical as possible (not too tinney & not too bassy)

The room I want to use them in is your standard London long rectangular shape but I guess the speakers would be facing across the shorter width of the room. Would bigger floorstanders be suitable for this type of room shape?


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Try hunting down the 611's. They are a floorstander, but quite small. However, unlike the quite dismal 609, the 611's are an accepted classic. Sadly therefore, if you can find them, they don't run that cheap. They are dual concentric, and frankly, for a box that size, a really dynamic and revealing loudspeaker.

If you browse fleabay they normally turn up.

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