Tannoy MX3s WELL HAPPY thanks Cable Monkey!


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Aug 10, 2005
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Hi guys,
Just saying thanks for the help you all gave me on selecting my kit and speakers. I`m now proud owner of Denon 2106 and since i was too skint after that to pay for decent set of speakers i got some cheap Tannoy Mx3s of cable monkey...and just set it up now.....it rocks! I`m seriously well chuffed!
Very clear, clean and generally a good sound! Very happy!

Seriously gonna have to rethink whether i am gonna rush out and buy my AE Evo3s! Yes the Evo3s were good in demo BUT in my opinion certainly not £300 worth more! Maybe....time will tell....but for now v v happy!

A little question. I have the above kit with a tannoy mxc (centre)...i now need a sub and rears. I`m gonna go for the rears first, would the mission ds77`s suit and sound ok. There are quite a few going second hand £75 per pair. ???

Also what subs would u recomend?

Pleased you are happy with them. They were seriously underrated in their day, probably because they took so long to run in and need careful siting. However my patience was rewarded and I am pleased someone else is enjoying them now.

The Missions were always considered a cut above the Tannoys, hence their price. Don't know if they are really worth that much more. Shop around.

I only got a sub for LFE in the end. For music the sub was switched out.
Yea, you must be right cablemonkey, cuz after listinging still for a further hour or so, they really do compete almost head to head with the Evo3s i tried out. Obviously i only had 20 mins to listen in the demo booth with Evo3s but i honestly cant justify upgrading and paying another £300 in the immediate future. (i think u can tell, i was worried i get them home and see a big difference)

Anyway, thanks again. Left you your traders feedback ++

With regards to the rear speakers question, couldnt find any mxr on ebay or for sale and after a bit of research i would rather get something a little more compact! I am struggling for room behind the set, so size is a big issue. Been looking at the mission m5ds or the old 77ds, 70ds ,...any views? Even they are bigger in specification than they look on the pictures!!!!

Nothing really other than the Eltax HT2's I suggested on another thread (or was it PM). They can be had in a complementary finish to your Mx's. Or just walk into Richersounds and see what they have around. The JBL Control 1's look very good for the price, though they are direct speakers (rather than di/bipoles). The Gale bipoles look ok too.
All the more recent mission effects speakers are well regarded, i'm not so sure about the 70ds though.

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