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Hi people hope your ok.

just after a bit of advise, my amp (Yamaha 475) gives me options for my speakers LARGE or SMALL.

I have a 5.1 setup and sounds grate but I can't tell a lot of difference between the 2 setups?

can any help weather I should have them set to large or small.

at the mo my 2 front speakers are set to large and sub on with extra bass and sounds good.

are the tannoy mercury v4i classed as a large or small speaker



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The correct setting would be Small with subwoofer. As for the crossovers it depends what other speakers you have in your system. Sadly your Yamaha receiver is stuck with global crossovers, so basically if you have smaller speakers there you might have to use higher crossovers for all speakers as there is no option to select them individually. Run the YPAO auto setup with microphone and go from there. If you have full Mercury Vi system, just by looking the specs 80hz for all might be ideal, you probably get lower crossovers running YPAO but just bump those up afterwards. And you need to change the speaker size after it aswell.

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If you want to read more and understand it better (crossovers/speaker size), read this; AV Receiver Bass Management Basics – Settings Made Simple

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