Tannoy Mercury V4i vs Dali Zensor 7


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Hello guys!

Please share with me your impressions of both speakers as I am unable to test them in my city. A relative of mine will bring them from abroad for a really good price so your help is really appreciated.
Are the highs of the DALI really that bright? Are the V4i as good as the old V4?



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You can find YouTube videos of both speakers. I would say that the Zensor 7 is a newer, more expensive, and better speaker. But the older Mercury V4i can be a real bargain.

Though I can only speculate, I suspect the Mercury V4i have a bit more Treble emphasis.

I would expect the Mercury V4 and the Mercury V4i to be very similar, but the V4i are the improved versions so one reasonably assumes the were actually improved.



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Not sure where you heard that the Dalis were bright.

They have a long time reputation of being detailed and smooth. A neat trick indeed, but Dali have years and tons of experience doing just that.

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