Tannoy Mercury F4 Custom speaker Issue/Help (12/13 years old)


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Good day people, i hope somebody could offer some advice on a speaker issue im experiencing please.

I have set of front floor standing Tannoy Mercury F4 Custom speaker Issue (12/13 years old) and experiencing some "tinny sound" issues with them in certain scenes on shows and movies. This is only on the left speaker. I have these setup in Biamp as you can see by the pics. Could only describe the sound on the left speaker as using a iphone on loud speaker as the LH speaker in my 5.1 setup low and muffled.

Over the years the left speaker has always been the resting spot, keys/junk then most recently sanitizer, occasionally over the years stuff has fell off the speaker and hit the connectors and cabling slowly one by one smashing the banana plugs and connectors off too. Luckily the tinys amount of thread was left to just screw the connectors on and rewire.

Now my question is could dodgy connectors have an impact on the output sound?

Ways of testing using the denon amp i have using the speaker setup i get very little noise output even putting up the decibels up high on that one speaker.

Trying to find a single speaker maybe very difficult, can they been repairs?

Do you think the connectors/setup good and just speaker is blown?

Where should i begin trouble shooting on this?

Thank you for reading and i hope somebody can help. :)


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Sounds like you're not powering one half of the crossover.

Things to try:
  • Swap the HF and LF cables and see if the problem changes. It might fix it (they might just need reconnecting).
  • Disconnect the HF cables and see if you get any sound from the speaker.
  • If you don't, take the LF cables and connect them to the HF terminals. If sound comes back, it's the speaker, if it doesn't, it's the amp or cables.
  • Check the cabling inside the banana plug, make sure that's nice and secure.
  • I would also try connecting the other speaker to these cables and see how that sounds.

Basically you need to try and isolate where the problem might be. If the problem follows the speaker then it's the speaker, if it stays on that channel/cables then it's the cabling or amp.

Also, having that much exposed wire on the connections is generally a bad idea. I would cut that off and strip a much shorter length off the freshly cut end.
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Ty so much Conrad for the input and exactly why i came here first.

I will report my findings and let you know, love these speakers and will be hard to replace :(
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Issue was fixed and it was a cabling issue :D

Think it was my own doing at some point after i re-cabled after the damaged but was an easy fix
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