Tannoy FX5.1 sub question


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Rigged up my new Home Cinema last-night and sat there with jaw firmly on the floor. Absolutely beastly it is.

Just wondered about the sub though, I've got it connected via one of the Low Input sockets on the back, do I need to connect it to High Input at all or would I only do this if there was no sub-woofer output on the back of the amp?


Sorry i cant really help with your question, but i am thinging of getting these speakers and just wondering what your thoughts are of these speakers?

Would you recommend them?
Where did you get um from?
What are the good/bad points?

Thanks for any help.

Ian J

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Originally posted by Bleeders
do I need to connect it to High Input at all or would I only do this if there was no sub-woofer output on the back of the amp?

There is no need to use the high level speaker inputs at all. I don't know about your sub but on many you can choose either high or low level but not both.

High level is useful in stereo applications


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Thanks Ian.

I've stuck with the low input, but in all honesty, I don't think I'd be able to tell either way.

It's a bleedin' monster as it is. :)

Pete Delaney

Hi Bleeders,
The FX speakers have plummeted from the original price tag and can now be purchased for less than £180.

This makes me :D

But how do they sound and is the sub as good as the reviews suggest:confused:

I've read mixed opinions using the search engine...Please let the punters know what you think of them:)



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Well, I've had a Digitheatre DTS and one of those cheap £99 jobbies, so I haven't had the pleasure of having a decent SS setup - until now.

I'm no audiophile, but IMO, the Tannoy's are superb. Well worth more than the current asking price and very much a 4-500 pound setup.

The sub-woofer compliments the satellites very well. It's very deep and boomy and is used an awful lot more than I once thought for some films, but it certainly adds to the Home-Cinema experience. In fact, I've had to turn it down to, since it was shaking everything in the room and I don't think the neighbours would be non-too impressed.

But for £180 you cannot go wrong in my view.

Pete Delaney

Thanks Bleeders,

The Sub is 'boomy', I trust you mean this in a good way? Does it maintain tight control of the sound or does the boomy effect spoil the soundtrack a little...
I am curious as I may go for this set-up. I want to downsize my current speakers which are too big.

Thanks again,

I don't know what the rest of you guys think, but for the drop in price of around £300 and the 4/5 star reviews these have to be worth a go:D
It's the one good thing about constantly evolving HIFI, old, but good stock:D does drop significantly in price. As an example the Kef 2005 are now around £400, I think they first came out at around £1000!:D


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No problem Pete.

Yep indeed, although I would recommend keeping it turned down to a level your happy with though. As I found, having it set to around half, the soundtrack is dominated by the woofer and the neighbours start to complain. ;)

For the dosh mate, I would certainly give em' a try. My brother recently came round after he picked up an Acoustics Solution Argos jobbie, which cost the same as my Tannoy's... suffice to say, he was gutted.

Pete Delaney

I got these speakers in the end and here is my 2 pence worth....

In a nutshell, these speakers create a brilliant 360 degree soundstage. It is utterly convincing and the sub intergrates into the soundfield perfectly.:D

At times the sats can sound a little 'harsh', but this is not because they are struggling, it's because they simply give you an 'in your face' reproduction of what the sound engineer intended.

Atmospheric effects are IMO reproduced simply brilliantly, I bet a DVD like 'Alien' would sound amazing. Vocals are also reproduced to a staggering level.:D

Overall, for those with limited space or those wanting to simply downsize their set-up, (WAF factor etc) I believe these are arguably unbeatable at the current asking price of around £165 to £180.:zonked:

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