tannoy fx5.1 question

father alice

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Is it ok to place the sub on its side? It fits in to my set up so much better on its side!

Also, the sub is not magnetically shielded, but presumably the magnetic bits are all at the base of the sub, hence if it is placed on its side; I can keep the magnetic end further away by altering the orientation. It doesn't appear to affect my tv, but the further away the better!

Thanks for any replies.


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Well i cant answer your question but as im greatly considering buying the fx 5.1 next week i just want to know what your opinion is on it, as there doesnt seem to be too many user opinions about.

What is it like in comparison to what you have had before / listened to before?

Thanks :)

Pete Delaney

I have the FX5.1 sub pushed up against my TV, albeit it is the right way up and there is no magnetic interference at all. It has been there a few weeks now and the tv is new so I have monitored the situation carefully, verdict - it's fine. Non shielded interference produces problems on a tv tube v quickly.

jtwn: You may have read my previous recommendation of this product, in a nut shell...for sub £200 price tag the system is superb. :eek:

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