Tannoy Arena 5.1 - opinions??



Just in the process of setting up a system in my new home and am looking to buy speakers and a receiver to go with a 507xd Pioneer.

I like the look of the Tannoy Arena speakers, for their style and also their performance (magazine reviews). I can get the full package (minus speaker stands) for £800 and consider this to be a good deal considering they retail at £1,200.

However I was hoping a member of this site may have these speakers or may have heard them and could give me an honest opinion as to their performance as I'm somewhat of a novice at the whole home cinema thing :D

Also if anyone has alternatives that they feel would be better than these speakers I'd be very grateful to hear about them.

Thanks in advance.

jon smith

Well-known Member
If you're looking at smallish speakers the obvious choices would include: B&W MT20/30, Anthony Gallo Micros, M&K Xenons, Monitor Audio Radius or the Aego T's mentioned above.

A lot of your preference will come down to aesthetics and the make of amp they will be connected to. The Tannoy Arenas are very good value at £800 (in my opinion) although you do no to pay the extra for stands/wall mounts - the mags love them, although they do get mixed reviews on here (but then again most kit does to some extent).

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