Tannoy 631 Speakers Faulty


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Fault is sound from tweeters only.

Both speaks when remove from cabinate show aprox 4 ohms - suspect crossover but cannt see one ? as terminal wires glued to base.

Is there cross over in these - does any one have the CCT or service manual? The plastic base plate seems to be secured with glue, is there any other fastners? Any tips to open or brut force?

Also when they stop working they took out my NAD 214 power amp both channels - have not yet look at that in detail - has any one any typical faults to look for - or recommend UK repair shop ( north wales area)



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Eventually got round to looking at thhe tannoys 631. The bottom plastic stand is glued to the MDF speaker box. To access the crossover it needs to be forced with a flat chisel. Crossover is then accessable no screws to undo -simple 2.7 uF 50 v cap to replace. Hope this helps if anyone ever want to repair this series.

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