Tanking a Cellar.


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I'm thinking about getting our cellar tanked but feel that I need lots more real-world information. That's where you come in ;) I am aware that there are details in amongst threads here but I thought it might be handy to collate it so I'm offering a thread up for just that purpose :) Couldn't find an existing one.

What were your costs ? Is it DIY-able ? What are the methods used ? etc ? Has it worked (!) ? If not why not ? Or any other advice at all :)



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Its a big subject with many possibilities, and the method chosen depends on the cellar structure and local ground conditions.

Essentially there are 3 methods

1. Coat the walls externally and floor internally
2. Coat the walls and floor internally
3 Drained Cavity - Install an inner wall and floor and any moisture entering the cavity can be pumped out via a sump pump.

In each case some external work to install land drainage to lower ground level moisture content may be required

In a relatively wet area, ground moisture pressure can force any internal coating off the wall, and any small gap will let water in.

Ashphalt tanking is common but may not last, nor be flexible. Resin and rubber coatings have even less service life and may not be appropriate if the ground is very wet.

If the building moves seasonally, then coatings have to be flexible to cope.

A drained cavity may be a more long term and cost effective solution.

Generally its a mayor task, and assessment of the best option is required. If you have the knowledge and gear, then it can be done DIY. But a specialist firm (with insurance backed warranty) may be the best option.

Not sure of cost and Its been a few years since I was last involved in such work

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