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I have been enjoying a SVS PC12 Ultra through the avp700 rca connection. My second sub arrived today an Axiom EP600 which has XLR inputs as well as the usual unbalanced connection. While splitting with an RCA adapter and running unbalance to both subs is an option, Axiom recommends the balanced connection. When I run an XLR cable to the sub, the voltage is such that volume is very sensitive to small changes in gain control on the EP600. Fine tuning when calibrating is more difficult. I am told there is a pro XLR setting and a "consumer" XLR setting. Does the engineering menu have an adjustment that controls voltage in the analog outputs, specifically the XLR outputs ?


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The AVP700 does not have a PRO/Consumer XLR voltage selector. However it wouldn't help if it did as we use the consumer setting which is the quiteter one.



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Thanks Andy. That's good to know as the sub manufacturer was suggesting my calibration problem was being caused by an XLR pro setting. Looks like the attentuation control in the sub needs adjustment. With regards to the avp700, improved bass management in the next firmware version such as a 30 hz crossover or 5hz increments would be a terrific improvement .

Having had 2 months to enjoy it, I am delighted with the avp700 overall performance and have been recommending it to all my friends . Only glitch has been with the HDMI switching which is not unique to Arcam.

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