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Hi all

Hope someone can help me with this. I am looking to get a TV stand either a floor standing one but preferably a table top. However, I have some size restrictions as I have floor standing speakers and I want the TV to be over them.

The TV is the OLED55C9 - 70.6 cm high. The floor standers are 93cm high. There is a media unit that is 57 cm high.

So, if it's a floor standing one the height from floor to middle of TV needs to be 128 - 130 cm. If it's a table top, the height from top of table to middle of TV needs to be 71 - 73 cm.

The best one I can find so far is this one which measures 125 cm (3 cm short!!) - I cant find any floor standing ones that go higher and all the table top ones are shorter than required.

Unfortunately I cant mount on the wall and I cant move the floor standers further away. The media unit is custom made to match rest of the furniture so stuck with that as well! :(

Any help / advice much appreciated. :thumbsup:
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