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Hi everyone,

This maybe a tricky one, but I'm sure with the forums aid, it is not impossible.


I am after a DVD player for my father-in-law, it's his bithday this coming weekend. He is not an AV enthusiast (yet!), but I want to get him into the AV world with his first player.

Does anyone know where I can get a reasonable player for a mere £30? I know, not much to spend, but there must be something out there. Player would preferably include a scart connection, remote and have a reasonable picture/sound quality (I know at this price it will not be stunning!)

Any help would be fantastic.

Many thanks,



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You could try amazon,richer sounds or ebay.You cuold get lucky on ebay and get something half decent.The kids both have £40 players ,they do work but aren't really up to much.


Hi Mark, you are in luck with this as I was just gazing around on another forum and found this post:

Just sorted the missus out with a dvd player for the kitchen. I had two ways of doing this, buying a 15m scart and running it from the Toshiba I have in the front room, as I use the component out I could have configured it to supply a picture to the portable in the kitchen, or I could buy a new dvd player. We had a look in Asda, to my surprise they had a Pacific dvd1001 for less than £30, we weren't bothered about what it played, cd-r/mp3/vcd etc but would have liked it to be multiregion or at least hackable. So we took a gamble and bought it, got it home and hooked it up and ran a R1 disc through it, suprise No2, it played it straight away with no problems. What a little cracker this machine is, only viewing on a portable but the PQ is excellent, the machine is very quiet and loading is very quick, selecting different chapters is done in a blink of an eye, as soon as you have pushed the button the picture is there, puts my Toshiba to shame. Features are plenty, S-Video, RGB, LPCM 96k/48k, compatable with DVD/CD/VCD/SVCD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/JPEG, has all the other usaual features to.

At this price you can't go wrong, I would say this would give excellent results on tv sets up to 28" or even 32".
Hope this is of some use,


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Pacific dvd1001 for less than £30 I believe is too cheap. My brother got one and I'm sure he said it was £38 and plays just about everything. I don't know if it has component or progressive scan but for £38 it's gotta be well worth it.



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skybuy are doing a logix model for £60+£3.50 postage. It comes with 102 dvd films. If you kept the films yourself you could have 102 films for £33.50 and give him the player. The player comes in its own seperate box inside the main box so can easily be seperated. It also doesn't look like one of those mfi showroom dummy dvd players with real buttons added like most £30 players as its very well built with a multicolour display. It does all the normal mp3, vcd stuff but its svcd support is poor with high bit rate svcds. Generally a nice player though with an excellent dvd drive. Its easily hackable to multiregion and is basically an LG player and operates like LG players. You get stupidly high search speeds like 64x and it works properly with dvd extra/interactive dvds unlike most of the cheapies. It also does far superior ntsc to pal conversion than most of the cheap players based on mediatek chipsets. Its not perfect and doesn't read mpeg or jpg files off cd/dvd directly like newer models.




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Thanks for all the useful replies, as always the forum has come up trumps. I think it is just a case of getting the old hunting nose on and try to get a bargain - the Asda player does sound interesting though.

Thanks again,

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