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I have a Huawei TalkTalk Youview box and have just tried to copy some programmes recorded on it to a dvd via my Panasonic dvd recorder. Every time I tried it would not record with a sign coming up on screen saying that the programme was copy protected.

I connected via scart - obviously - and tried with both the HDMI lead to the tv connected and removed which made no difference. The programmes I was trying to copy are routine programmes on terrestrial tv, a children's film from channel 4 and a BBC documentary. As the connection was via scart it was standard definition and the programmes are both of the type that can be copied legally, they are perfectly capable of being copied to dvd if recorded on a Sky box or directly if recorded onto the hard drive of the dvd recorder. Interestingly whilst the Huawei box was connected to the recorder I tried to see if I could record the channel it was tuned to, a morning chat show on ITV - that came up as copy protected too.

It seems that this box deems everything as copy protected even when it shouldn't be.

The obvious way round this is to record anything I might subsequently want to make a dvd of either on the Sky box or directly onto the dvd recorder but it is a bit of a pain. Does anyone know a way around this - to make a perfectly legal dvd or know why this Youview box has such a silly restriction?
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None of the programmes you mention are actually copyright-free and it is, in fact, illegal to make a DVD copy for keeping (even though it is physically possible to do so by some of the means you mention). It is legal in the UK to record and watch any broadcast programme later (time-shifting) but you are meant to then delete the recording.

However, it does seem the Huawei box is behaving oddly and this will probably only be correctable via a firmware update to it.


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The law was amended in 2009 - no mention of a time limit now:

Was there ever a time allowed for keeping such recordings of broadcast events?

Time-SHIFTING implies a transient action - i.e. not keeping after it has been viewed later than originally broadcast . At least that's what I suspect any 'reasonable person' might expect? Or does it not?

In any case my remark was wrt making a DVD copy of a time-shift recording - which is (subject to a legal case test, no doubt) then no longer a time-shift recording, but almost certainly an illegal copy.


The legality may be academic.
I'm afraid that the more recent a box is, the more likely it will be to have such restrictions and all boxes will go this way eventually ... if the licensors of the various technologies involved have their way.

This will all be part of the 'closing of the analogue hole', a long term industry strategy.

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