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talksport co-presenter


Distinguished Member
hi all
we listen to alan brazil on talksport every morning .we think it is a very good programme. BUT there is one person who spoils it. RONNIE IRANI , he is pathetic , he has not got a clue what he is talking about half the time . He is totally out of his depth . We cant believe he is also an after dinner speaker . Does anyone else think this or are we being a bit harsh


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I can't get on with him either, he's just trying too hard most of the time and I find him annoying.


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Another TALKSport listener here, everyday on the way to/from work. Alan and Ronnie in the mornings, Wrighty and Durham on the way back. My favourite show is without doubt Hawksby and Jacobs though, but I don't always get the time to listen to them at lunch. Great station. :thumbsup:

Solomon Grundy

Distinguished Member
I don't like the breakfast show much either. It's mostly Alan Brazil pretending to be sophisticated and basically showing off about how wealthy he's supposed to be and how every word he utters is correct and the height of good taste...followed by Irani hanging onto his coat tails trying to keep up and impress whenever the slightest opportunity arises. Add Henk Potts to the mix and it's all very distasteful and faux.


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they may aswell not bother taking any calls. cos whoever rings up gets told they are wrong. its on in the barbers i go to. makes me laugh just through the presenters' pure stupidity and closed mindness

Deleted member 36193

I've stopped listening to any "talkfootball", whereas I used to listen as much as I could. Football is a business these days, not a sport, so they shouldn't be covering it:devil:.
Brazil is Mr Freebie, H&J are both complete idiots, and and Durham is the worst broadcaster ever. Not an enticing lineup.
The only show worth catching these days are the non sport ones.

Vis Man

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Great Radio Station
I preferred Brazil and Porky Parry . Ian Wright in the the Afternoon is great, really funny.


Distinguished Member
i still listen every morning . the best partnership was brazil and graham beecroft . mike parry is good but he does come up with a load of stupid ideas but i think this is to get reaction from the listeners


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Yep, Irani is a poor imitation of a poor radio presenter, seems many agree their show lost 70,000 listeners for the last period. :thumbsup:

He even doing the after dinner circuit :eek:- must be to get the punters up to the bar sharpish like. Maybe after 10 stellas you can handle his ramblings.


Standard Member
Any of you chaps ever entered one of the quizzes on talksport and won?
Reason i'm asking i was on about 3 and a half weeks ago and won a load of power tools but i haven't heard anything since, do you think i should phone up and chin them???


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It's full of self-appreciating buffoons whose sole intention is to wind up the listeners so that they call in on the premium rate phone line.



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It's full of self-appreciating buffoons whose sole intention is to wind up the listeners so that they call in on the premium rate phone line.


I have not tuned-in to this station since my original post back in january.I have to say i dont miss it. I listen to 5live now, which i think is pretty good.


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I stopped listening to the Breakfast show for a while purely because of Irani. Irani is still there and is still an idiot. I wish they would bring back Porky or anyone else other Irani.

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