Talkmobile Windows Phone MMS Not Working?!


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Hi All

I have a Nokia Lumia 800 which I got from Carphone Warehouse on their Talkmobile network. Eveyrthing is set up and working fine, except MMS which I am really struggling with.

Settings cannot be sent automatically from the Talkmobile website, its not supported for Windows mobile!

Their CS team have been through the manual settings with me 3+ times and its still not working, they suggested going back to CPW and trying another handset in store, which I've done and it had the same problem! There seems to be a few people around complaining that Talkmobile MMS doesn't work, but no solutions!

I've tried googling for any setting variations, I've tried the android options and that didn't work either. This is what I've got so far:

Proxy Address:
Proxy Port: 8799
Username: [blank]
Password: [blank]
MMSC Address:

I tried putting username and pw as 'wap' as per the android settings, didn't work.

Talkmobile CS team have been useless and basically said they don't have any other settings to try and the handset must be faulty - I know for a fact there's nothing wrong with it. Anyone have a clue as to how to rectify this before I go back to CPW to cancel it?!?

Thanks :(


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I've also tried adding separate APN's for default network access and then an additional one for MMS, someone suggested you occasionally need to add two for 'piggyback' networks like Talkmobile and Tesco.

Unfortunately... no joy!


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Do you mean T mobile? Is that Talk Mobile?

This happened to myself and my girlfriend on Virgin, which is pretty much T mobile under a different name. In each case it was the APN settings. I just found a list and kept trying until I had the right ones. It also happened to my girlfriends mum on Vodafone and two people I know on O2. Again I just got a list of APN settings and kept trying.

I think Nokia put out a Network Set UP App recently to help with problems like this.


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Hi thanks for your reply

No T Mobile and TalkMobile are different things - Talkmobile is a creation/sister company of Carphone Warehouse, I think they are relatively new, it piggybacks on the Vodafone network.

I previously had a Tesco Mobile SIM and I was using it in an O2 phone, I had to do some tinkering with the APN settings as you say but it worked fine. This just doesn't want to work at all, not with Talkmobile's settings or Vodafone's.

I took the handset back into CPW yesterday and they tried the SIM in numerous other phones and tinkered with the settings, the outcome is that it's definitely Talkmobile's settings that are at fault. My assumption is that they haven't got things configured properly for the Windows Phone OS at their end.

They don't want to admit that, though!

Still waiting on a response from their Customer Services team. CPW called them directly from store and got told "you've got the right APN settings, that's all we can do"... Useful...[not].

Looks like I'm stuck without MMS functionality until Talkmobile get their act together. :-(


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Hi lumia87

I work for Talkmobile and am happy to help with the issue you are experiencing.

Can you please call Customer Services (5888 from your handset) and advise that you are calling in reference with the Forum Settings issue and leave your contact details. Once the agent has your details this will be passed to me and I will give you a call.

Speak soon.


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hi and thanks but with all due respect ive spent more time than i care to think about on the phone to talkmobile, CPW and nokia trying to sort this out. if you think you have a solution then you should have my number on your system to be able to call me!!

i may give it one more go this afternoon but i have tried absolutely everything now and its getting to the stage where the phone/contract is only fit for the bin!


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Im not so concerned that I cant send MMS but when people send them to me and I cant receive them, its incredibly annoying.

Either way, who cares, I dont expect to buy a new phone and just accept the fact that it doesn't work properly... so...

After a month of tinkering with settings, taking it back to Carphone Warehouse, complaining to TalkMobile, still no solution. Out of interest I put my old Tesco Mobile SIM card in it and Tesco sent me some automatic settings which did seem to successfully update the phone. However, you've guessed it, still didn't work.

Nokia are completely avoiding the issue and despite 10+ calls to TalkMobile, they don't seem to know what to do. (Apparently there is a case/issue open with Nokia as they are aware there's a problem)... well thats great, but not helpful.

Head, bang, wall. This is taking the mickey


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I have just got the Sony Xperia U from Talkmobile. I tried the automatic download of settings thing, too, and no joy.

I couldn't get onto the internet (didn't know about it also being a problem with MMS at that point), so went onto my PC for the settings.

All input manually - internet works, great. MMS doesn't, not so great.

I had an MMS picture I just had to open, so stumbled across your thread here. I then found this site

How to: Talkmobile APN Settings for Android iPhone / iPad | GPRS MMS WAP Internet Setting Blackberry Pay Monthly | Pay and Go

On my phone, I went into the edit screen of the Access Point Name I had been using, and at the bottom, one says 'APN type'. This was already set to show 'default,supl' on my phone, whatever that means.

Delete this entry so that it says 'not set'.

MMS working, whooppee!!:clap:



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More by perseverance methinks!

Kept trying with settings as posted here NB proxy server ip address typo error on talkmobile website!
Anyway, after a Network Setup app update it finally worked!
Switched off/on phone and prompted to join network just set up
Sent pic to myself and hey presto!
Will be interested if it stays since other posts around the web are saying one day it works, one day it don't

As for Geek Squad!!! Blimmin firing squad more like :mad:. They said this phone cannot send picture messages, ***!

Keep trying guys n gals

Jammie dodger

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Just been trying to sort mms on a Galaxy Ace (I version) on talkmobile for my dad. All his APN settings were correct, but the messages were stuck on "downloading".

I found some advice on the net to turn off "auto-retrieve" in the message settings menu (MMS settings section). Now he gets a download button by the message which works when he clicks it. It seems odd that auto-retrieve doesn't though.

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