Talisman Whisper Fans !! ??


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:eek: i posted a thread the other day saying i was buying 'talisman whisper fans' for my xbox 360, because they are much better than the original xbox 360 fans...

I looked over the internet also and basically found that they work wonders for your xbox 360. Measurements posted on xbox scene even stated a significant temp drops when using the fans...

Well as i previously said my original 360 fans were loud, and didnt seem to push much air out... meaning my 360 got hot - and sometimes crashed (well not that much but cod3 mostly)

And i also said that my brothers fans (original - but they look different) on his xbox 360 were great - they are quieter, push lots of air out and his 360 remains pretty cool - with zero problems!

I was hoping the talisman fans would be even better. When i installed them today i switched on my 360 and the noise was even louder than my old fans :eek:

Looked at the screen and the x logo spinning in was a bit jerky...

Apparently these fans push twice the air of original 360 fans... - mines seemed to push less out than my old fans!

Put in PGR3 and the game played very jerkily.
Then put COD3 in and it crashed in 10 minutes.

I put my old fans in and it seemed fine...

Again i installed the talisman fans again, and after about 15/20 minutes it crashed...

What the hell ?? :eek: :rotfl:

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:rotfl: nope

i am just going to have them sent back - They must be faulty.

I mean even PGR3 - the game which normally is smooth as silk - went jerky every time i turned a bend! :eek:


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My whisper fans are the same, I even checked they where the right way round. I think its actually impossible to put them in the wrong way round. Its worth checking that its installed corretly though as one of the LED connecters might be in the way. I'm gonna take the heatsinks off as well to install some artic silver 5.


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I have had similar experiences with two 360s making totally different noises, when mine died it had lovely quiet fans, the replacement I got had noticably louder ones! I took them both appart and they have COMPLETELY different brand fans!

I found the talismoon ones v quiet, for the first week or so they alternated in pitch a little that I found annoying, this has since cleared up and they're fine :)


I got a couple myself, and they do seem quieter than the 360 fans. I don't have frame of reference for how much air they shift. But my 360's crashed about as much as it used to without them, which was once every week or so.

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