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Tales of Hearts R

Daft Ada

Distinguished Member
Brilliant news! This will be a day one purchase for me if it does hit Europe. Fingers crossed Xillia did well enough to convince them to take a chance on Hearts R.

Det, I've seen you post about Tales games before. Why so good?

The Tales games have garnered fans for many reasons. I fell in love with Symphonia on the GameCube, then progressed from there - Vesperia on Xbox, Abyss on 3DS, Symphonia Dawn of the New World on Wii, Graces F on PS3, and I'm just about to tackle Xillia. I only bought Symphonia on a whim while I was waiting for Pikmin 2 to come out and it ended up as my all-time favourite game until Xenoblade Chronicles came along.

I love the visual style - bright, colourful worlds that look like living cartoons, which, to me, are more interesting than the more realistic style of the Final Fantasy games. I love the stories too. Some may say they're predictable and full of usual save-the-world tropes, but I enjoy them. There's a mix of interesting characters in all the games, and you get to know them pretty well thanks to the in-game skits and side-quests that help expand back stories and flesh out their characters.

It also helps that the battle systems are incredible too. It feels more like a beat-em-up (it's programmed by Namco's Tekken team after all), with real-time combat in an arena. Some games hold you on a linear path (like a 2d fighter), while others allow you to move around relatively freely (you still mostly move on a linear path between you and the enemy you're targeting). When I first got Symphonia I'd just switch it on to play an hour or so just fighting random monsters - years before I learnt what 'grinding' was all about.

The soundtracks from Motoi Sakuraba are also a big reason I love the series so much. I have a copy of the Symphonia OST a friend got me from Japan. It sits proudly on my gaming shelf alongside models of Lloyd, Genis and Kratos :D

So, yeah. In summation, you should really check it out if you like RPGs. The Symphonia collection would be a good start if you have a PS3.


Distinguished Member
My first Tales game was Tales of the Abyss on the 3ds. I sunk 130 hours into it and probably would have done more if my wife wasn't threatening to smash the 3ds.

Then I played Tales of Xillia and manipulated the encounters to make them too easy by going to an area I shouldn't have been at yet and fighting tougher monsters and leveling up too quickly.

But it is still a good game. Just a shame it's not on PS4 cuz I just have no desire to play my PS3 anymore, even though some brill games are on it.

It's not the traditional JRPG, it's more an action JRPG in that you control your toon and mash some button combos to perform the right attacks. The stories are usually good and the characters are fun and deeper than you would think. Highly recommend the Tales series for my reaons and the reasons posted by @Daft Ada


Established Member
Definitely feeling the Tales love which is great cos this would probably pass me by otherwise.


Distinguished Member
Funnily enough the first thing I thought when I saw Shahid's tweet on this was that @Det would be all over it!
lol... not just me. Everyone should give this game a chance if they have even an inkling towards RPG's.

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