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Hi All. I'm currently using budget kit for my home cinema needs. I have a cheapo 1080p TV and a Sony 5.1 in a box system. HD content comes from PS3, XBOX 360, Sky HD and PC via ATI HDMI connection. Current spend on the TV and Sound was only around £650 and if I'm being honest I'm generally happy with the set up.

I am however considering moving to a projector and need some advice. Installation etc isnt a problem, I have that all figured out. The room is small though less than 3 meters from the back wall to were the screen will be. I need advice on the projector first.

Considering I'm easy enough to please, ie the budget kit, would 720p do me or should I consider 1080P? I've been looking at the HD200X as a starting point.

I've checked out the screen calculator on Projector Point and can easily do a big enough screen size, between 1.7m and 2.4 meters diag. The fireplace brace which has the tv mounted on it is 1.86 m across which is exactly the largest size the HD200X could do. Is the distance too low, ie like sitting too close to the screen at the cinema?

Also sound. I want to move to a proper Amp and speakers, again dont need to go top end. I want to run all the feeds into the amp with HDMI and need an amp with 2 HDMI Out? One for TV and one for Proj? Do I need to post in a seperate forum for that?

Sorry for long post, I hope someone can give me advice on this.


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In calculating your throw you need to factor in the length of the pj and cables coming out the back and subtract this from the room length and also how much the screen will be from the other wall.

With this in mind you may well be a couple of feet shorter than 3m.

This will effect the screen size you can achieve.Bear in mind you will be sitting at less than 3m I would definitely be going 1080p as 720p will look very soft if watching on anything more than 70-80" diagonal at that distance.

Lastly you don't need an amp with 2 hdmi out as they will be quite expensive get a single hdmi out amp and a £25-£30 splitter as this is the cheaper option and works just as good if not better.

If you are looking to do this on a budget the 200x is just about the cheapest 1080p machine out there but get a demo first so you are sure rainbows are not going to be an option.

Also consider Epson TW3200 at £999 as although it is a larger projector it has better zoom and will give you a bigger image from the same distance as the 200x.Also as it has lens shift you can position it almost anywhere.

Shelf mount ceiling mount or on a table is Ok for the Epson.


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Thanks for reply. We watch a lot of downloaded TV, mostly in HD were I can get it but not always. Would watching say a normal tv show episode in divx be a no no on that size of screen?

If thats the case, would I be better dumping the projector idea and getting a better tv, currently a 37" wharfdale? Would a good samsung 46" screen wow me enough?


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Obviously the larger size you go with a picture unless you have the increase in resolution to go with it will always result in a softer image.

I watch a 50" plasma in my lounge and from 7-8ft a standard def picture is OK but a hd ready picture 720p/1080i is pretty good.

In my cinema room I watch with a 1080p projector image (mainly blurays) 100" diagonal from around 8-9ft and it is superb.If I drop down to HDTV images on this setup it is still more than acceptable but drop down to standard def and it is to soft (for me anyway).

You really need to see a big screen in operation fed a variety of standard and high def sources to make your mind up what you are comfortable with.

One thing is for sure is once you have had a pj I think viewing on a 37-50" screen will never give you such a big grin that you get when viewing on a 80-100" screen.:D

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