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Taking the plunge - Arcam DV29/DV79 AVP700/P1000

Discussion in 'Arcam Owners' Forum' started by Bored of Balham, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Bored of Balham

    Bored of Balham

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    Hello everyone, a newbie here and to AV, and despite reading many. many threads and Arcam handbooks I am still as confused as ....
    The wife, football loving and doesn't mind wires everywhere (am I lucky or what!), has treated herself to a 42" Panasonic Viera, the new HDMI one.

    We now need a a DVD player to do it justice and something to control the plethora of boxes that need to be connected (Sky, DVD, Video, DV Recorder, DVB Tuner) to it.

    I was hoping to be able to get a DVD that would also play CD's quite well and it falls between the FMJ DV 29 and the Diva DV79. I currently have a Sony XES77 CD (circa 1991 - cost £1000) into an Audiolab 8000.

    Would the FMJ DV29 play CD's as well as the Sony (technology has moved on a lot)? Or if not, is the DV29 worth the price differential over the Diva DV79 as just a DVD player?

    A further question re the AVP700 processor. (naive question coming up) - can I use this to record from any source onto another and view a different source (e.g. record Sky/TV whilst watching a DVD)....by this I mean does the box just act like a set of "tape looops" which I assume will all work when the unit is in standby too.

    I have no current plans for more speakers over the current two (although I am thinking about adding a centre speaker if it's worth it) - next question. Does the P1000 provide quality sound - (bi-amping the stereo speakers - currently bi-wired) to replace the Audiolab 8000? Or should I just stick with putting an audio output from the AVP700 into the Audiolab?

    It is difficult to assess sound at a demonstration as I am so used to my current set up (speakers Heybrook Quartets - no longer available) and the many experiments and combinations of speaker cables.

    Finally, everything I have is in SCART. The TV has HDMI input and composite as well as S Video and some other plugs!!! The DVD will go in via the HDMI connector. What "version" of all the other "forms" will give the best picture quality?

    Any help you can give will be most welcome, even at the expense of you repeating yourselves for the umpteenth time.

    Many thanks for your patience and advice.
  2. scarty16

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    Jul 1, 2003
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    Is the Panasonic the PV500 or PV50, if it is teh 500 you have a HD ready TV if it is the 50 you don't.

    Why is this important, Sky HD launches soon, HD Football for the wife (does she have a sister ??)

    HD DVD (HD and Blu Ray just around the corner) as well, may be worth waiting on the Arcam HD player in the near future (conjecture not fact, but highly likely I would guess).

    Centre speaker a MUST for 5.1 Sky movies and I guess footy as well when it goes HD, as well as DVD (SD and HD) and a sub as well!!

    Tape loop, don't know the answer.

    Quality generally

    HDMI ---------Best

    Remember Scart can be in many forms (RGB, Svid and composite)

    Confused you will be soon!!!

  3. WRG


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    Though I use the DV29 a couple of times for DVD, where I really get all my enjoyment is playing DVD-As...multi channel music :smashin: It plays well as a CD player also, but not up to the likes of my CD33...but for both, or should I say all three DVD, DVD-A, and CD...it's a great Arcam unit ;)

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