Taking the outer front Bezel of a UN65TU7000FXZA Samsung TV to repair the LED backlight

Dwight Chizen

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I bought a 65" 2020 model of the Samsung Crystal TV. Backlight failed in 3 months, all else works if you like watching black. The fix is to get at the LEDs and find the failed one, replace it and all will come to life when the correct current is able to flow. But how to take off the sexy narrow bezel to get access to the screen and backlight parts? The bezel is a great sales gimmick in that the bezel is almost invisible, display goes nearly to the edge of the set, but there are no fasteners to undo to loosen it from the screen. Or is there?

Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the bezel? Is the bezel glued onto the glass? Does Samsunk (better more descriptive spelling of Samsung) take the bezel off or just gives a new TV as the fix as another different post reported.

Does anyone have a direct link to Samsung Technicians because being in the Caribbean, with a USA purchase, they will not let me through the firewall of not taking complaints or repair orders outside of the US.

I will pay for parts and forget the US warrantee but I need to find out how to take the bezel off the screen without braking the screen.

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