Taking out 1209s tubes?


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Hi,can someone guide me through taking tubes out of my 1209s:lease:
I've tried everything to fix my sheimpflug issues but it is evident that I need to pull the tubes out and reglue the cams:mad:
I've disconnected everything running to the red (thought I'd start here)but am unsure of the bolts holding this thing down,I've also taken the top cover completely off and thought I'd stop there and it is not very clear as to what is actually holding it up.
I've tried numerous searches and there is nothing in the service manual.
All help as usual is greatly appreciated.


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Good point to remember though. On a 1209s or 909 always loosen the two lock down nuts before trying to adjust the Scheimpflug corner focus screws !

Mad Mr H

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1208 1208/2 1208s 1208s/2 1200 1209 1209/2 1209s 1209s/E

I think 1609 as well.

Maybe a few others I have missed :rolleyes:.

PS - No need to remove the entire cover to remove the tubes.

Open tube cover, remove boards behind tube - it need to slide all the way back.

Remove neck card, disconnect wires

Place tube end connector cover (if available) on connectors - there are VERY soft and easy to bend.

Remove lens, Undo FOUR holding bolts.

Think thats ready to remove now.

Tube will hold in place there are two location pins -These need a swift sharp push to unlocate.

slide backwards so the neck goes into the rear card cage.

Lift down.

Job done :D.

Thats the general outline, and the safe way if ceiling mounted as well.

You can remove the entire top cover, I would only do that if floor/table mounted.


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