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Hi All,

Does anyone have a circuit drawing for the Tagtronic Upgrade Cable? I would like to receive a copy of the drawing that I need to make the cable to upgrade the software into my DVD32R("no disc" problem due to the current old software).

Your assistance and advice on the drawing are greatly appreciated.



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If you search the forum there are a few posts about this. (try RS485 or RJ45).

It appears that the cable is essentially a RS232 to RS485 converter, and the advice is that it is complicated to build so it is easier to buy one (if you can find one).

Sorry not to be of more help.



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mauty, forget it, you can't make it, noone did it by now. it is not pure wire, it is either dongled or there is some other software protection within the cable. if you open it you'll see it includes some IC, which is also logical, yo do not want your PC to kill your processor on its own :)


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Hi Edward,

Thank you for the PM and kindness on the cable issue. I am a newbie and not familiar how to post a reply appropriately; Therefore, I have to reply your question in this format instead of PM you directly(please accept my sincere apology).

I live in Washington, United States. I send you a payment in advance for the postage/shipment. Please PM me.

As always, many thanks for your assistance and consideration.

Best Regards,


Ah! I thought that if you lived nearby, you could have brought your kit over and done the upgrade at my place, or, if it was a reasonable day, I could have driven over to your place. As you've found out, when you need one, money isn't an alternative.

Sadly, I don't know any US owners these days. There was one very prominant owner but he has since stepped out of the ring.

Regards and good luck.

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