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Read somewhere some 2-3 years ago that TAG McLaren was about to introduce a videoscaler. What was the namne and specification of this product?

Today, what could one expect to have to pay for one, and would it be a price compeditive product?


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It was the VSM2048 and was optional built into a AV192R, it was only on sale for a short time before TMA was sold to IAG. For those that have the unit it still works quite well but with no firmware updates from Pixel works its potential was never fully utilised IMHO. Mind you I have one and for the likes of SKY+ type feeds it works as well as anything else I've seen. It is nteresting that with the DVD32R it seems to report working at 60Hz even with an R2 DVD playing, must admit I never used to notice but now I do....FRC is going on and occasionally it irritates.. Mind you if the current crop of high end sclaers is anything to go by they ain't a million miles better...... In summary its about the equal of a £1000 scaler these days from the likes of calibre, lumangen etc. ad of course only any use to someone that has a suitably equipped AV192R. The stand alone version never made it into full production....


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I enquired with IAG about this earlier this year and was told it was
still available. They quoted me either £1200 or £1400 (can't remember exactly!)


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Blimey........ Be advised that you needed rather more than just the VSM module to make it work though, a PSM192 module and various other bits like the RGB switcher board. If all that was £1k I am sure some AV192R owners may be tempted....... The whole shooting match was well over £5k orignally and the AV192R suitably loaded was near £16-17k...... Assuming support is available it ain't such a bad deal I suppose as long as they beef up the PSU's......:devil:


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Good evening Sonic,

are you sure about the price ? On may 2004 I've received a cotation for the VSM from IAG. Here the answer : ">You will be pleased to hear that the VSM2048 option is still available at £4995.00 GBP. The VSM2048 comes as standard with one HDMI compatible DVI input.
>At present, the DVI/HDMI switcher is not available."
So I backed off (even two years ago it was possible to buy an excellent external scaler at that price).
If you information is confirmed than the landscape is fundamentally different. Do you have any news about the DVI/HDMI HF switcher?

Regards, Lenny


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I believe that Sonics68 must have been confusing the VSM2048 with some other add on, when I purchased my VSM2048 a couple of years ago it was a shade under £5K!

tony @ suffolk

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Perhaps with the PSM192 module that you can have fitted to a DVD32R?

Can't remember the price when I had it fitted to mine, but £1200 springs to mind.

I don't know offhand how this differs from the aforementioned VSM2048 (maybe only a deinterlacer?), but it's DVI output's not in the same league as the picture available via component through my Lumagen.

Which, sad to state, is not as good as my Oppo 970 via the same device...:(


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The PSM module is not exactly the same as the one fitted to the DVD32R, some detail differences in connection are noted but the chipset is the same, the PSM does the deinterlacing only and feeds the VSM the progresssive feed which the VSM needs and then scales as necessary, the two only work together and of course you need the RGB switcher to be able to connect many other devices that need to be scaled, the PSM in the DVD32r can only take an extra S-VIDEO or COMPOSITE VIDEO feed, the RGB switcher takes all sorts (Component, RGBS etc.). The deinterlacer in the DVD32R (PSM192) should not be compared with a scaler but the PSM/VSM working together are probably as good as most other offboard scalers I've seen. If you have a Lumagen there is no need for a TAG scaler (waste of money) but if the TAG scaler fitted to an AV192R is a grand or so, those with an AV192R would be tempted I am sure if they didn't have a scaler already. As others have said I doubt the TAG scaler module is £1k though and the lack of firmware support make it a product for the TAG community diehards....... I would like to see a decent end user friendly interface on an off board scaler though as most seem to be aimed at the specialist installer and not a DIY affair.... The TAG at least was easy to set up (if a bit limited in what you could twiddle with)......


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old ground i know :lesson:

BUT have you guys lucky enough to have purchased the scaler had any replies to your concerns about lack of software development from IAG

if they are selling the product still even at £5k :eek:


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To sell the scaler module with all the trimmings into an AV192R at £5k would be almost criminal IMHO these days.

As for software/firmware backup, I am sure IAG would have shouted about it if the Italians were activly still working on the chipset which was superceded a long time ago..... The future was a big hairy FPGA with scalers and if John and Steve were still at TAG thats where we would have ended up if I was a betting man......
Nothing really wrong with the TAG scaler though, the picture is still very good....

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