Tag PSM192 to Panny 42PWD6 via DVI



I've tried this with my newly acquired Panny 42PWD6 and it works fine via Pal progressive using the DVI output on my Tag DVD32FLR. Picture is fantastic. I'm using the latest version of the Tag software 3.85 so I think they have cleared up the original problem with the PSM192 and Pal via DVI, though others may have already been aware of this.

The only problem I have is that on some DVD menus (eg Toy Story and the AVR32R Set up menu which I access via the PSM192) appear way to the right on the screen and I'm not able to correct them with the horizontal adjustment on the Panny. The picture is perfectly centred when the films actually start but it's annoying all the same if I want to change set up options. Any ideas how to correct this ? I haven't tried the analogue component outputs on the PSM192 yet so I'm not sure if this is just a problem with the DVI output on the Tag. And I may have missed something on setting up the Panny as I have only had it a few days. Grateful for any help.


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I remember reading something about this on www.avsforum.com when using DVI on the Panny.

I think it is fixed by a tweak in the service menu...but have a search on www.avsforum.com for more info...it may also be worth contacting your dealer who may be able to help...

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