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    I'm looking into a few upgrades next year and this will involve an smallish LCD TV and PJ with a big screen. I'm not fussed about PS on the LCD as it will be for day to day viewing but would like it on the PJ.

    I note that Tag have a board that can be fitted to the DVD32/192 (when it's out) that converts incoming video signals into PS. Now, I will probably be feeding most signals to the processor (Probably Arcam AV8) in the form of Svideo. Am I right in thinking I can use the Svideo monitor out to the DVD32 (with PS board) and that will then convert said signal into PS to send to the PJ? So, for instance I can set my Sky box to output RGB, use a converter with RGB passthrough and send RGB to the TV and Svideo to the processor.

    That's how I read it and it sounds perfect for my needs.


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