Question Tag Mclaren AV32r DP using external Aqua La Scala DAC

Mr Yakimoto

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After a silly amount of years Ive jumped for an external DAC.

Why? well i am going to be in possession of the Antipodes EX/CX Solution Renderer streamer package. The better connection to use is USB, and we know that the av32r dp doesnt have that.

I now have a Aqua La Scala DAC, which can produce 384khz via USB. Until I get my Antipodes items, I have connected the Tag DVD32r transport via a chord signature tuned ARAY cable to the La Scala and then Chord Signature analogue cables to the av32r dp into an analogue input. Now this thing sounds glorious, even with the transport not being clock synced.

Looking at the display , its stating 96khz using this input. Now what going on here? when I get my Antipodes Streamer, I will be streaming hi res up to 384khz, as thats what the DAC can receive. When it sends this signal to the tag, whats going to happen? Is 96khz negated and it will be able to play full hi-res? Will it not accept full hi- res using analogue sockets....do I need a new pre amp?...hope not

By not using the tag DAC, I didnt think that the tag would add any colour to the sound as its just a pre amp, the Aqua is definitely applying its sonics ....sounds so sweet just playing CDs. To me the Tag isnt doing anything apart from applying room correction

Any knowledge out there would be welcome



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Hi Bill
These are the times when the tag forum was really helpful
Sorry cant help but sounds interesting


Which analog input are you using? Only the 5.1 bypass does not perform any additional AD conversion...

Mr Yakimoto

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Which analog input are you using? Only the 5.1 bypass does not perform any additional AD conversion...

Sorry I thought I replied last year!!!! oooops

Im just using the analogue Aux in.

I now have my Servers and DAC and to say it sounds amazing is an understatement.

What I dont know is....If I am playing HiRes music, 24/192, 24/252, DSD64 or DSD168, is the tag downsampling to 96khz? I can see that my DAC is receiving these files and delivering them to my tag. Is the tag just letting them pass through without downsampling?

Im getting conflicting information on what the tag is actually doing when using the analogue inputs. If its just adding a bit of flavour, that might just be ok...but if its downsampling, I may have to look for elsewhere



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The Tag would upsample analogue upto 96khz and digital to 192/24. So I'd expect it's down sampling unless bypassed someway. Same thoughts here with my DPA 192

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