Tag McLaren AV192R Loudspeaker/Output Issue?.


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i have just purchased an AV192R Tag McLaren Pre Amp/Processor and am having a few issues with it which are puzzling at best. I am not new to Tags Pre Amps, having owned the AV32R in both standard SL and the top line Dual Processor version, so know the set up wizard quite well.
My Speakers are Acoustic Energy AE2, which have 90DB into 6 Ohms sensitivity and I’ve found them easy to drive even with moderately low powered 60 watt Audiolab 8000A And S integrated amps.
I set the speakers up in the essential area of the set up wizard. When I got to the calibration tone settings for L and R speakers it was set at 0DB , pressing test tone seemed adequate at this setting well more than adequate as you wouldn’t have been able to have a quiet conversation, but left it at 0 anyways.
Exited menu and played music via my
Tag DVD transport Into the pre via a digital cable. To be honest it was very quiet indeed, with full volume being 100 it took a rotation of 80 to get the volume that the test tone managed (conversation) at the lower volume . I am puzzled by this as I am running it into two perfectly running 125m power amps which have recently been fully serviced by Audiocellar and I know are perfect.
I went back into settings and had to increase the 0Db to +8db to get anything near what the 60w 8000s is projecting at 7am (hardly any clockwise rotation), on the volume dial.
Does anyone think there could be a problem with this pre amp as I’m baffled.
As I say I’ve owned this amp in the lower end variations at least 5 times using with same speakers and never had such issues.

Any help please and apologies for the long post.

To add I tried The other digital inputs with computer based music via an M2 Tech Hiface 2 and optical cables were tried and all three methods on differing inputs had the same quiet results.
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