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From what l can tell the RV variant has an additional mode selection knob to make use with power amps easier. There may well be more differences 'under the hood'. A session on Google will no doubt reveal more...


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  • 60W per channel into 8ohm
  • 95W into 4ohm and 130W into 2ohm for short periods
  • Class A preamplifier output
  • Six line level inputs and three tape loops
  • Ability to record one input while listening to another
  • Headphone socket
  • Gold plated phono connectors
  • Digitally controlled muting
  • Toroidal power transformer
  • Proprietary Sorbothane sonic isolation feet
60irv same specs plus
  • Remote control
  • Class A preamplifier with dual output
  • Relay switched independent pre and power amplifier section
  • Gold plated relay contacts
  • Duplicated loudspeaker terminals for biwiring, multi room or multi zone applications


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Great thanks. So I'm wondering what would be better:

60iRV and 60P vs PA20R and 100P.

PA20R and 125M x2 would probably be outside of my budget.

Speakers will be Monitor Audio GS60.

Many thanks!
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