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Good Afternoon

I own two F3 Series TM Amps; 60i sl and 60iRv sl. I am trying to connect them in combination as follows;

The 60iRv recieves the inputs from my audio sources and is set to pre power mode. As I understand it, this allows me to power speakers as normal from the 60iRv and also send a pre-amp out to "another amplifier".

I want to pass this pre-amp out of the 60iRv sl to the power amp in connection of the 60iSL and use this purely as a power amp to another set of smaller speakers at the rear of the room. The manual suggests that I may need to have the "internal link' between the pre and power sections of the 60i sl removed in order to activate the power amp in connection?

Can I do this myself?
If not, where can I get this done and for how much?
Is there any other options/have I misunderstood?

Many Thanks
John Robson
(Could you send/cc my work address on response [email protected])


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I can see what your trying to do and the logic seems fine but as a simple alternative, could you not run a lead from the tape out of the 60irv to a source input on the 60i ?

Other than that, you could pick up a cheap power amp or even for a bit more, a 60p and sell the 60i.

Not sure what is involved with the modification but I can't see it being more than a 10min job..


Thanks for the reply.

This is exactly what I've currently done and works absolutley fine. However, and I'll make no excuses for lazyness, this means that whenever I turn up the volume on what I'm using as the 'controling amp' I also need to adjust the volume on the other. I ideally wanted to use the pre-out to power-in combo as I'd assumed this pre/power set up would mean I can change the volume via the remote on the the 'controling amp' and this would also control the pre out level, hence equivilent volume on second amp??

Don't really want to change or update if the theory of making the 60i into a power amp works.

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