Tag, Lexicon or Yam Ax1

Discussion in 'AV Pre-Amp/Processors & Power Amps' started by Nic Rhodes, Apr 15, 2001.

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    The performance of the Tag and Lexicon (and Meridian) will destroy your Yamaha. The differnce is huge, though for substantial money. However if you are looking to upgrade so soon there must be something wrong with you dealer having sold you something that you don't want. Enjoy what you have for the time being.

    Your system is essentially balanced as it is.

    If you want to upgrade I would personally say Tag but all three are excellent. Go and find out for yourself. I did, it is the only way you will be happy with YOUR decision.
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    Last October I upgraded my home cinema system to front projector at this time Iwasnt intending to improve the sound sytem but I got carried away and bought the Yamaha AX1 amp and B&W 6series2 speakers DM602, LCR 6, CC6, DS6 and ASW 1000.

    Now I'm not saying I'm unhappy with the sound but being all the way down in Torquay I don't get much chance to audition systems like the TAG and Lexicon. So I was wondering If these bits of kit are worth the extra and Ishould upgrade, if so which one.

    The speakers are another problem, I was told they were good but would M&k be better and if so what about using active M&k speakers for the fronts instead of using a separate amp.

    I guess what I need to know is wether Ineed to upgrade atall and what's more important speakers or amps first. Thanks for any input.

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