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I am considering the purchase of a very high quality dedicated CD player (Wadia). It occured to me however that I may be able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone in that if the Tag DVD32R was up to the job I would get good CD performance along with excellent DVD playback. If anyone currently uses a DVD32r for CD playback as well as DVD I would welcome their feed back. Which ever I go for will be going through a Tag AV32r.

Nic Rhodes

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There is very little that can better a Tag DVD32 playing CDs. The Wadia is a peer but isn't necessarily better, especially with an AV32R. I can think of only two players that are better. They are much more money. No brainer.


Linking a DVD32R to an AV32R just has to be heard to be believed when it comes to audio play back.

I've never heard CD's sounding as good as the Tag combo can make them.


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If you have AV32R, decent amp and good speakers you must be satisfied. It really sings!


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T2L is sugar on the top but even without it, it is superb. (No one who has AV32R uses it without T2L of course)

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